Over a period of two weeks you can test and improve your football skills under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Short theory lessons prepare you for the practical training sessions which are geared towards developing your technical and tactical skills. We will send you on the pitch equipped with your own ball as well as a profes- sional outfit, consisting of football shirt, shorts and socks. Don’t forget to bring your own football shoes!

The camp highlights are the 10 soccer training days (5 training sessions of 45 minutes each per day) with licen- sed German League Coaches as well as the mini world cup and a visit to the local bundesliga football stadium of 1st FC Union Berlin.

The training sessions Include:

  • Ball control
  • Dribbling
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Crossing
  • Heading

For each of these techniques there will be a test procedure to review your development.


Technique Ball control Dribbling Passing Shooting Crossing Heading
Pre-Test 30 seconds passing against a wall Dribbling through cones 30 seconds passing against a wall Shooting on target areas Crossing in a square of cones Heading on target areas
Criteria Number of passes Time Precision Precision Precision Precision
Session 1 X X
Session 2 X X
Session 3 X X
Session 4 X X
Session 5 X X X
Session 6 X X
Session 7 X X X
Session 8 X X X
Session 9 X X
Session 10 X X X
Session 11 X X X X
Session 12 X X X X
Session 13 X X X X
Session 14 X X X
Session 15 X X
Session 16 X X X
Session 17 X X X X
Session 18 X X X
Session 19 X X X X
Session 20 X X X
Re-Test 30 seconds passing against a wall Dribbling through cones 30 seconds passing against a wall Shooting on target areas Crossing in a square of cones Heading on target areas


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The GERMAN SOCCER CAMP mini World Cup on July 30th provides the opportunity for you to test your acquired skills and play against teams from Berlin, Brandenburg and all around the world! Can you and your new teamma- tes beat the rest?


1.FC Union Berlin was founded in the former East Germany in 1966 and has gained a cult following in the intervening years for the unique atmosphere at home games, and the tight bond between club and supporters.  Whilst the actions of the club off the pitch are first class, their performances on it are no less exemplary. ‚Eisern Union‘ or ´Iron Union‘ as they’re affectionately known, have managed to establish themselves as one of Germany’s top teams in recent years, both in the professional and youth ranks.

The club’s academy is without doubt one of the best in Germany, with a 3-star rating from the German FA, the highest possible accreditation. The coaches you will be taught by from the academy have history in producing players who have succeeded at international level, the most famous example being former German international and Premier League champion Robert Huth. You can expect a highly-professional atmosphere and challenging exercises from the Union coaches that will develop you as a player in a short amount of time. However, the staff, who all possess at least a UEFA B-Licence, will also look to expand your skillset beyond the beautiful game, meaning you come away from your time with Union not only as a more technically proficient footballer but also a more-rounded individual.

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