The EURASIA Institute is an educational institution with a vision. Communicating means connecting and only true understanding brings people together. This is the ideal behind the Berlin-based EURASIA Institute, where we use our expertise to bring people (and their languages) from all over the world together. EURASIA is part of the Klett Group, one of Europe’s leading education providers. Klett supports us in our vision, and in working with our partner, we believe we can make a world of difference. We are a very international team, embodying warmth, diversity and respect. We come from Germany, the United Kingdom, Romania, Pakistan, Hungary, Tunisia, Belarus, China, Uganda, Italy and the United States of America, and we all speak one or more foreign languages. All of us are highly socially and empathically skilled, a primary quality for leading an institution that brings people together from different cultures from the world over.


The EURASIA Institute is a well-established pathway provider for university entrance in Germany, with around 600 students per year. Founded in 1993 by the British sinologist, Andrew Geddes, the institute has been providing  education solutions in around 80 countries for two decades: for high-school graduates, postgraduates, career-seekers and educational institutions. In collaboration with partner schools and universities worldwide EURASIA offers institutionalised pathway programmes within the framework of dual degrees and academic exchange programmes. The Institute is registered with the Berlin Senate for Education, Science and Research and is an accredited test centre for all university entrance exams. EURASIA belongs to the Klett Group, one of Europe‘s leading providers of educational services and supplies.

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